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ANDY OnCall® St. Charles is locally owned and operated.

Need a home repair or remodel project done? Call ANDY OnCall®! We will send you one of our skilled craftsman and give you a free estimate. All our craftsman must pass a nationwide criminal background check. We are licensed, bonded and insured.


"The office staff are always helpful and friendly, and Jeff has not let us down on any of his workmanship."

The craftsman working with our ANDY OnCall® office provides you with a FREE Estimate and is ready to begin the job right away, staying until it is completed to your satisfaction. No payment is due until the job is completed to your satisfaction. We are licensed, bonded and insured and labor is guaranteed for one year. Priced by the job, not the hour.


What kinds of jobs can you help me with?

Whether you need carpentry, painting, minor repairs, or home maintenance, ANDY OnCall® can help you. Contact ANDY OnCall® with your specific needs. We are committed to meeting your home improvement needs and providing you with a quality craftsman for any job. Let us provide you with a FREE Estimate at fair rates for quality guaranteed work!


ANDY OnCall® Makes Projects, Repairs & Maintenance Easy & Hassle Free!

ANDY OnCall® is licensed, bonded and insured and guarantees all craftsmen work with a one-year WRITTEN WARRANTY. We accept projects as small as one hour as well as projects that take several days. No job is too small.

Contact our ANDY OnCall® office to schedule a FREE ESTIMATE. Our craftsman will come to your home and evaluate projects you need done with an written estimate. Most of our craftsmen are good in several types of jobs. Please make a list of all projects you would like quoted, and the craftsman can assess all of them while he is there.

Call or e-mail ANDY OnCall® today!

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