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How to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan for your Space

how to choose the right ceiling fan for your room

Don’t own a ceiling fan? Want to update your current ceiling fan to match the style of your home? Replacing a broken ceiling fan, or want a ceiling fan where there is already a ceiling light? Whatever the reason, ceiling fans can be a defining feature of your room, so you’ll want to be careful in choosing the right one. Follow this step by step guide so you choose the perfect ceiling fan for you!

Step 1: Selecting the right size

The blade size of a fan controls the amount of wind output, how strong the fan is able to blow wind into the room. So, choosing the right size fan can be the most important aspect that a buyer should be aware of.

The first step in choosing the right ceiling fan size is to take the proper measurements of your room. Get out that tape measure and get to work! Once you have your measurements, you are ready to start shopping. On the packaging of most ceiling fans, you will find information that will tell you the blade size of the fan and what size room the fan is optimal within. Have those measurements handy, so that you can pick out a fan size that's will keep your room comfortable!

Step 2: Finding the right style

The look and aesthetics of a ceiling fan is very important when shopping for the right one. You want to make sure that the fan works with the style and decor of the room. Be aware of the color and finish of your room so that your fan blends right in, instead of looking like a fixture that was an afterthought. When shopping for a fan, you may notice fans with different hardware finishes like brass, brushed nickel, or chrome. Consider matching these finishes to the finishes of the other fixtures around your home like knobs or faucets for a cohesive feel.

Ceiling fans can be an excellent way to give your your home a little upgrade, without taking a heavy hit to the wallet. There are countless styles of ceiling fans available on the market, and knowing which one will look best in your home is a matter of personal preference and style. Whatever style you choose, let it be apart of your individual expression, be fashionable whenever you need to cool down.

Step 3: Installation

Okay, so you chose the right ceiling fan for your room. What do you do next? Ceiling fans can be relatively easy to install but you will need to know a few key things first. Ceiling fans can be much heavier than lights, so before installing your fan, you’ll want to check to make sure there is an appropriately sized fan box and sufficient bracing in you ceiling to support the weight of your fan. Insufficient bracing or a fan box that is too small can cause it to begin pulling out of the ceiling causing a safety issue! If have any worries, trust the experts at Andy on Call to check the fan box and bracing and install your ceiling fan for you.

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