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Kitchen Updates That Won't Break Your Wallet

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of your home. It is where you make memories of baking cookies with your kids, orchestrating the family Thanksgiving dinner, and where your family retreats after a hot day in the sun for a cold drink. It is also one of the most important rooms in determining your home’s property value. Sometimes, the look and feel of your kitchen can grow old, need maintenance, or go out of style. While many think of kitchen updates as dauntingly expensive, they don’t have to be. These 5 inexpensive kitchen updates will take your kitchen from outdated to outstanding, without breaking the bank!

#1: New Cabinet Handles

Cabinet doors make up a large surface area of the kitchen’s walls, so they are likely to be one of the first things noticed when entering the room. Changing these features out is one of the least expensive updates you can do in your home. When choosing the right doors and fixtures, opt for classic and subtle rather than ornate and personalized. HGTV's Scott McGillivray, the author of How to Add Value to Your Home, warns against these updates: "I've seen people use hardware that looks like forks and spoons or mini chickens. Those options are fun, but they get old fast." At AndyOncall, we can help you pick and install the right cabinets and handles for your kitchen.

#2: New Cabinet Doors

Cabinets can be one of the pricier updates to your kitchen. If you decide to go for a full cabinet replacement, we can install these fixtures quickly and efficiently. The handymen at AndyOncall are also great at painting and kitchen remodels. Sometimes, the cabinets don’t need to be replaced, just given a fresh coat of paint. We can work with you to pick the right coats, colors, and paint types for your home. Check out our full gallery of kitchen work here!

#3: Backsplash

This update is one that is stylish, practical, and affordable. The kitchen backsplash is a very limited area in your kitchen, typically only being from around 10 to 50 feet. Tiles are priced by the square foot, so at most, you’re only looking at a few hundred dollars in cost. This update can also tie in the colors of your walls to the color scheme in the rest of the room. Unlike painting, this update protects from water damage to your walls, making it practically pay for itself over time.

Kitchen backsplashes are intricate and time-consuming jobs. Self-installation is tricky, and other contractors’ prices can skyrocket due to the time it takes to complete the job. Unlike other contractors, however, Andy Oncall is priced by the job, not the hour. Call us for a free estimate.

#4: Paints

If you don’t have the cash for tiles by the square foot and you want the mood of your kitchen to be overhauled, a fresh coat of paint is the tried and true method to update any room in your house. Popular kitchen colors include yellows, blues, reds, whites, greens, and grays. There are two types of paints for kitchens; latex and oil paint. While latex is the more popular, oil paint is water resistant, which makes it great for kitchens. Latex paints also come in a few types of finishes ranging from flat to high-gloss. Matte finishes are usually harder to clean, while the glossier, the easier.

#5: Colorful Kitchenware

Smaller accents can be just as decorative as larger upgrades. Choosing kitchenware from the same set or with similar color schemes, such as all rose gold pots and pans, can really help tie the aesthetic of the room together. In addition to matching, it can also be fun to go for bold primary colors that somewhat coordinate.

Since the kitchen is so important in our lives, it’s time to give it the love it deserves. Andy onCall can help with all of these tasks, including full kitchen remodels. Give us call at (636) 724-8008 to receive a free estimate for any room in your house. Remember, when it comes to your home, no job is too small!

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