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Spring Home Care

When the snow thaws and the flowers start to bloom again, homeowners can come out of hibernation and get back to maintaining the outside of their homes. After winter, there are several parts of the house that can be damaged and in need of maintenance and repair. This guide will take you through the most common problem areas. Remember, some projects are too much to take on for a single homeowner, and can easily cause long term damage to your home if they are repaired incorrectly. The expert craftsmen at Andy OnCall can help with any maintenance job, big or small.

Indoor Repairs

During the winter, maintenance on the house is often neglected. This happens both on the inside and the outside of your home. To avoid long term damage and keep your house maintained, we recommend that you make a checklist of items on your spring cleaning list. The first of these should be to clean out vents in the house. Any vent that leads outside or chimneys can get clogged with dust, leaves, plants, or other debris. These items can be flammable, and also can grow inside your house. Many of these areas are hard to reach without the proper equipment, but our expert craftsmen have the tools and skills necessary to clear up these hard-to-reach areas. Speaking of fires, it’s also the perfect time to check your smoke detectors. The US fire administration recommends that you should do this once a month, but it’s easy to forget, which is why we believe that you put it on your checklist for the Spring.

Outdoor Repairs

Now that going outside is becoming increasingly more pleasant, it’s time to check the outside of your house for common damages. The winds and water damage to your roof can lead to your shingles being loose or missing. Look for signs of leaking, crooked shingles, or popped nails. These are all signs that you need to replace shingles to prevent water from entering your home. Screens can also be damaged during the winter, and now that the bugs are returning, an opening in your screen is practically an invitation for pests. Work on your roof can be dangerous, and broken screens are a pain to install. Make sure the job is done right with Andy OnCall. Our trained carpenters can make sure your shingles are placed correctly and screen doors are installed right.

Other areas of your house can suffer as well. Paint chipping occurs from wind, water, sleet, and snow bombarding the sides of your home over long periods of time. Paint is the protective layer between the Spring showers and the wood that holds your house together. Andy OnCall’s team of painters will easily repair any paint chipping on the outside of the house, letting you avoid rotting wood and water damage. Another area that can be damaged by the elements is your windows. A proper caulking and weather stripping prevents warm summer air from entering and cooled indoor air escaping, so check to see if these areas need replacing.

Finally, clear your gutters of debris to allow the April showers a clear path away from your house. We recommend using a water storage barrel that connects to the outside of your gutters to store rainwater for summer droughts. These rain barrels can be used to water your gardens or do outdoor cleaning. Regarding gardens, their borders also may need a touch-up. The last item on our outdoor list is to repair any fences damaged by the winter.


Now that you’ve fixed your house, you can focus on the appearance of your property. Gardening gives both aesthetic value and property value to your home and is a great hobby to pursue. After the winter, check your yard for dead plants and remove them. After you’ve done this, add a fresh bed of manure or rich soil to your garden beds, and begin planting any new seeds or full plants in the yard. The Spring rains will make this the perfect time to breathe new life into your yard. In addition, don’t neglect your lawn. Rake the lawn to remove dead plants and look for weeds. During the winter, soil’s pH changes significantly, and weeds can still live underground. Even if you cannot see them in your lawn, they may be waiting for optimum conditions to germinate. Consider using an organic herbicide.

Hopefully, we have been able to help you with your Spring care. We are ready to help cross these items off of your checklist, as well as any other home maintenance service, large or small. If you are looking for expert craftsmen to refresh your home, make sure to look at our website at for examples of the sevices we offer. Give us a call today at (636) 724-8008!

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