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Fall Maintenance Checklist

As the temperature slowly changes, so do the needs of your home’s maintenance. Your home will need certain touch-ups and repairs to beat the winter chill and embrace the holiday season. This checklist ranges anywhere from outdoor upgrades to small chores around the house, but they’re all necessities to keep your home safe and ready for the season.

#1: Watch For Gutter and Downspout Blockage When It Rains


It’s no surprise that there are a good bit of rainy days in the fall, but did you know that with the rain comes gutter problems? With every rainfall comes an abundance of debris hurtling down your gutter. Once temperatures reach a low enough point, the water in your gutters will start to freeze, thus causing all the debris to become trapped and your gutter to become clogged. A drainage clog can make it harder for water to drain from your roof which will cause water damage along the foundation, walls, roof, and attic. Don’t let your gutter become a bigger project than it needs to be and make sure you clear it out in time!

#2: Check For Leaking Spigots and Repair The Leak Before Winter


Although the thought of your outside faucets might have faded to the back of your mind as summer ended, there is still work to be done! If a leaking faucet isn’t properly repaired before the freezing weather hits, it can lead to a frozen and cracked pipe that would flood your home, as well as damage the faucet itself. Repairing the leak can prevent any water from freezing over and creating larger problems for you in the long run. Also, be sure to unhook any hoses or sprinkler attachments to lower the risk of further issues. When a hose is attached to a spigot there is still some water left over within the line going to the spigot. This water can freeze and cause the pipe to crack. Make sure that any leakage is resolved and all attachments are removed to save not only your spigot but your pipes!

#3: Clean Your Lint Traps AND dryer vents

washer and dryer

Did you know that Winter is also the season for the highest risk of lint fires? This is due to the thicker fabrics, sweaters, and blankets used to keep you warm. The thicker the clothing, the more lint is produced. The dryer vent leads to outside of your home. It can be clogged with lint build up and become a fire hazard. If you notice the dryer takes way much longer to dry your clothes than before, check the dryer vent for build up. More lint increases the chance of a house fire if the cleaning is not kept up with. Due to lint being highly flammable, the danger of a fire increases just as the lint does. You should be cleaning the vent before or after every cycle and be sure to only have the dryer running when someone is home to watch over it. By emptying the vent not only are you protecting your home from fires, but also improving the efficiency of your dryer!

#4: Check Windows and Doors For Any Caulking Needs


Touching up caulk is essential before the winter to keep the warm air inside the house, and the cold weather out. Retouching the caulk on your doors and windows is not only keeping your home nice and warm, but also saving you some money on your electric bill. The less effort required of your heater to heat your house and keep it that way the better! Caulking will need to be done before the temperature drops to the freezing point, or else it won’t be as effective. Colder temperatures will cause the caulk to have trouble curing. Caulk also helps by keeping any rain or melted snow from entering the home which can cause damage to your window sills and trim. Keep that cold weather out and your window trimmings safe from potential damage!

#5: Gather a List For Holiday Repairs and Projects


As you prepare to fill your home with holiday cheer and guests, make sure your home is ready! To beat the holiday repair rush, make your list now and get quoted on all your projects. Whether you need help hanging a new picture frame, or or painting a room, you’ll want to beat the pre-holiday rush. Waiting until the last minute can land you a spot at the very end of a long waitlist. Being early improves your chance of getting your projects done sooner rather than later!

Need someone to call that will help you check these projects off your list? AndyOnCall is your man! Get your list together and call us at 636-724-8008 for a FREE estimate today!

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