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Spring Painting and Flooring Updates

Spring is the season of renewals; flowers bud, leaves return to the trees, and homeowners gain the perfect opportunity to add new life to their homes with the rising temperatures. There are several projects a homeowner can undertake to improve the life and value of their home. While many people focus on the outside of their homes, they tend to neglect the interiors in the spring. ANDY OnCall® can help revitalize your home interior with big or little projects, like adding a fresh coat of paint and new flooring to the interior of your home. These projects are the perfect ways to start the spring season, and we’re here to make it easy.


Painting your walls is not always as easy as putting a tarp down and letting your inner Rembrandt out. While you could simple coat your walls with rollers, you may regret this later. There are several important steps to painting in the Spring before you commit to the perfect coat.

  1. Go for quality. While it may seem tempting to save a few dollars and opt for the cheaper paint, it is beneficial in the long term to invest in the highest quality paint. Always go for a trusted brand over generic paint. Choosing a cheap alternative can significantly lower the longevity of your paint job.

  2. Clean up before you paint. Not only should you remove the clutter from the areas you want to paint, (unless you like the idea of a splatter-painted coffee table) but you should also apply a commercial grade cleaner to the walls you plan to paint. This removes all of the dirt, build-up, and mildew from your walls before you apply a fresh coat.

  3. Mix all of the paint you are planning to use in one large bucket. This keeps the color consistent throughout the house and avoids the slight variations that paint (even in the same listed color) can have.

  4. Call us! ANDY OnCall® will make sure your paint job is done right. Our experienced craftsmen will know how much and how to apply your paint evenly. Consistency is key, and our craftsmen will make sure your paint job is professional and picture perfect.


Picking your material

Choosing the right flooring significantly changes how you and your family use a room. For example, a high traffic area for homeowners with kids or pets will benefit from more resilient floors like ceramic tile, wood, epoxy, or vinyl. Carpet is a great comfortable alternative if you don’t have to worry about stains, dirt, and mud. Placing a rug over wood is a stylish way to increase the lifespan and look of your room as well.


Possibly the biggest factor in choosing your floor is the cost. Flooring is priced by square foot, so choosing materials you can afford is key to assure your job is done right. Carpet is more expensive the softer and more durable it is. Tile and wood are also pretty pricey, but wood has become increasingly cheaper, with new products entering the market. Some of these are vinyl planks, which look like wood but run at a nicer cost, laminate, and porcelain. The best options, however, are environmentally sustainable ones, such as natural bamboo, cork, and even recycled materials like re-purposed glass and rubbers. Bamboo is not only extremely cheap, but it is also some of the hardest wood in the world.


ANDY OnCall®’s craftsmen can install any floor for any space in your home. Our testimonials emphasize our dedication to professionalism and quality work. We offer a FREE ESTIMATE, and price by the job, not the hour. Make your Spring home projects easy with ANDY OnCall®.

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